Your Software, Conker Devices: The Perfect Pair

Conker empowers software developers in demanding industries with rugged mobile devices that transform their clients’ operational efficiency.

We couple this with industry-leading support and consultation:

  • Exclusive pricing on Conker Rugged Devices, minimising costs to you and your clients.
  • Dedicated support from Conker consultants, reducing integration friction and downtime.
  • Opportunities for joint marketing efforts, expanding visibility for your solutions with Conker’s network.

The Software-Hardware Hurdle

Selecting the right devices can be daunting for your customers.
This slows down the sales cycle, and by not recommending hardware, you miss the chance to offer a comprehensive solution, despite being a trusted advisor.

Your clients struggle with:

Hardware Downtime & Lack of Support

Inconsistent Data Management

Complex Integration with Existing Systems

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Why Conker is The Perfect Partner

Conker simplifies these challenges with rugged, reliable devices and support services tailored for seamless integration and exceptional durability, designed specifically for software that supports tough work environments.

Industry-Leading Support & Consultation

Streamlined Data Management

Effortless, Managed Software Integration

Our Partners REALLY Love Conker

Conker transformed our data management capabilities, enhancing our clients’ operational efficiency significantly. Their support made the whole process stress-free.
Logistics Solutions Developer
Conker's rugged devices withstand our clients’ demanding environment, making them the perfect partner for our warehousing software solutions.
Warehouse Management Software Provider


Conker is a leading provider of rugged devices based in the UK, offering solutions that enhance productivity, ensure durability, and simplify software integration. Our commitment to innovation and customer support sets us apart. With our technical support and Relax Warranty, we go the extra mile to ensure your solutions look fantastic, and your clients are happy.

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