Embedded Box PCs

Embedded fanless industrial Box PCs. Unleashing efficiency across industries.

Jumpstart your journey towards technological transformation with our Embedded Box PCs.

Why Choose Our Embedded Box PCs?

Unmatched Durability
Our Embedded Box PCs are engineered for resilience, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks. Ideal for harsh industrial settings, these units guarantee longevity and consistent performance.

High Performance in Compact Design
Experience superior computing power without the bulk. These devices offer efficient processing capabilities, ensuring smooth operation of complex tasks in a compact form factor, making them perfect for space-constrained environments.

Versatility and Connectivity
Adaptability is key. Our range supports various input/output configurations, catering to diverse industrial applications. With extensive connectivity options, integration into existing systems is seamless, facilitating communication and data transfer.

Customization and Scalability
Your needs are unique. We provide customizable solutions that grow with your business. From processing power to I/O interfaces, choose specifications that match your requirements, ensuring a tailored fit for your projects.
A Closer Look

Applications of Embedded Box PCs

Delving deeper, Embedded Box PCs empower various applications within these industries, including:

  • Data Acquisition and Control Systems: Collect, analyse, and process data in real-time for informed decision-making.

  • Machine Vision: Automate inspection and quality control processes using advanced imaging technologies.

  • Digital Signage and Kiosks: Deliver engaging content and interactive experiences in public spaces and retail environments.

  • Edge Computing: Process data at the edge of the network, reducing latency and bandwidth usage for critical applications.

Conker's range of fanless embedded box PCs have no moving parts, support wide-voltage input and have a wide choice of I/O connectivity. Optionally integrate WiFi or Cellular through mini PCIe expansion. 

Featured Products

Embedded Fanless Box PC Systems

Windows Celeron Box PC

  • Intel N5100, Windows 10/11
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB Storage
  • -20 °C to 60 °C
  • 12-36V
  • 4x USB, 2x RJ45, 2x RS232, 1x HDMI

Android Box PC

  • ARM Quad-core, Android 11
  • 4GB RAM + 32GB Storage
  • -20 °C to 60 °C
  • 12V/4A
  • 2x USB, 1x RJ45, 2x RS232, 1x HDMI

Windows core-i5 Box PC

  • Core-5 7200U, Windows 10/11
  • 16GB RAM + 128GB Storage
  • -20 °C to 60 °C
  • 9-36V
  • 6x USB, 2x RJ45, 4x RS232, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA
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Expanding Horizons: Industries Powered by Embedded Box PCs

Embedded Box PCs are pivotal in numerous industries, driving innovation and efficiency. Here's how different sectors can leverage these robust computing solutions:

  • Manufacturing: Automate production lines, enhance quality control, and streamline operations.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Optimise fleet management, improve navigation and tracking, and ensure seamless supply chain management.
  • Healthcare: Support critical medical applications, ensure patient data security, and facilitate telemedicine services.
  • Energy: Monitor and manage energy distribution, enhance grid stability, and support renewable energy integration.
  • Retail: Enhance customer experiences with interactive kiosks, streamline inventory management, and secure transactions.
  • Smart Cities: Support surveillance systems, traffic management, and public services automation.
  • Agriculture: Optimise crop management through precision farming techniques and automated equipment control.

Addressing Your Questions

How do Embedded Box PCs enhance industrial operations?

By providing robust, reliable computing power that supports automation, data processing, and connectivity, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Can Embedded Box PCs operate in extreme environments?

Yes, they are designed to withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks.

Are these PCs customizable to meet specific project needs?

Absolutely, we offer customizable solutions to ensure a perfect match for your requirements.

Why Trust Us?

Our commitment to quality and innovation has established us as a leader in the field. With years of expertise, a dedicated R&D team, and a focus on customer satisfaction, we ensure that our Embedded Box PCs stand at the forefront of technology.