Conker Partner Programme:
Driving value to your customers

The Conker Partner Programme is your gateway to generating more revenue. But more than that we want to give you the edge with your customers and reduce the hassle that so often comes with hardware vendors.

Are you tired of the same old, boring partner programs that over-promise and under-deliver? Do you want to work with a company that’s as customer focussed and forward-thinking as you are? Then you need to check out Conker’s Partner Programme.

We’re committed to delivering quality service and support so that you can get back to what matters most – generating results or just getting some restful sleep! Contact us today.

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Why Become a Conker Partner?

At Conker, we deeply value the pivotal role our partners play in empowering customers to work more efficiently and intelligently. That’s why we are committed to delivering an unparalleled partner experience, supported by streamlined systems and processes that reduce the cost and intricacy of our collaboration. We foster an environment of trust, cooperation, and meaningful collaboration, where your contributions are highly regarded. We are dedicated to investing in your success through:
report Partner Programme

Financial Benefits

Our financial benefits are designed to enhance your profitability, lower operating expenses, generate new revenue streams, and empower you to stay competitive.

relationship Partner Programme


Our relationship brings valuable benefits that enhance collaboration, keep you updated on our wide range of products, and provide access to our extensive network of channel partners.

analytics Partner Programme

Sales & Marketing

Experience the advantages of sales and marketing that enable you to accelerate your market entry, enhance your marketing reach, and achieve a competitive edge.

insight Partner Programme

Technical Insights

Gain valuable technical insights to empower your strategies, develop innovative solutions, and provide exceptional support to your customers. Our latest products are designed to help you stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape.

Who Should Join the Conker Partner Program?

Crafted in collaboration with our global partners, the Conker Partner Program is meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of various partner types. This personalised approach enables us to work seamlessly together, providing program benefits that can significantly drive your business forward, while also recognizing your investment in our partnership. Explore the Conker Partner Program to uncover the ideal partnership opportunity that aligns perfectly with your goals and aspirations.
resell Partner Programme


You already provide a variety of computer hardware to an existing base of customers and are looking to expand your range and basket size by promoting rugged mobile devices.

software svgrepo com Partner Programme

Software Vendor

You are a software business providing business software that runs on mobile devices. You are looking to add margin and standardise on hardware by providing mobile devices to your customers

collaborate Partner Programme


You are a solution provider offering hardware, software and services tailored to each client’s needs. You are seeking additional products and differentiated service levels from existing hardware vendors.

distribution Partner Programme


You move a high volume of hardware into specific countries or territories through established relationships and contracts.

We look forward to welcoming new partners on board and providing them with the same support we have given long standing partners over the years. Join us today and you’ll be part of a growing community of businesses dedicated to giving their customers the best in mobility solutions.

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Connect with a Conker Partner

Conker relies on our extensive reseller network to provide customers with our comprehensive range of products, services, supplies, and solutions. Our resellers bring invaluable real-world experience to tackle complex business challenges, seamlessly integrating our products with their professional services and software applications from our vast ecosystem of software vendors.

With the Conker Partner Program, our resellers are fully equipped to meet your needs. They have access to the latest technologies and offer genuine Conker products and solutions backed by our Relax warranty. What sets our resellers apart is the unwavering support they receive from Conker’s technology and vertical market experts, both before and after the sale. Rest assured, our resellers are committed to delivering end-to-end solutions tailored to your requirements.

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Create more value

The Conker Partner Programme provides a hassle free solution to providing rugged mobile devices to your customers with outstanding responsive support. Offering a wide range of high-quality, full-featured rugged handhelds, tablets, and notebooks, becoming a Conker Partner will give your business the edge to build success with your customers. Don’t settle for the status-quo. Join the Conker Partner Programme and move your customers to the next level as we shape the mobile workforce.