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Rugged Devices for Manufaturing

Unleash the Potential of Rugged Devices: Transforming Manufacturing with Resilient Tools

In the heart of manufacturing, where precision and efficiency reign supreme, rugged devices are the game-changers. Discover how our robust solutions can elevate your operations and propel your manufacturing processes into the future.

Why Rugged Devices are Crucial in Manufacturing?

Built to Last

In the demanding world of manufacturing, your tools need to be as tough as the job. Rugged devices are engineered for durability, ensuring they withstand the rigours of the factory floor and keep your operations running smoothly.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Seamless communication is the backbone of manufacturing. Rugged devices empower your workforce with real-time data, reducing downtime, streamlining processes, and ultimately boosting overall operational efficiency.

Future-Proof Your Technology

Stay ahead in the fast-evolving manufacturing landscape. Rugged devices are not just tools; they are a future-proof investment, ensuring your technology adapts to industry advancements and technological shifts.

Addressing Manufacturing Challenges

Harsh Industrial Environments

Traditional devices struggle in the face of dust, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. Rugged devices are designed to thrive in industrial settings, providing reliable performance where others falter.

Connectivity in Large Facilities

Ensure seamless communication across vast manufacturing facilities. Rugged devices offer robust connectivity solutions, keeping your team connected and operations coordinated.

Equipment Wear and Tear

Constant use in manufacturing environments can lead to wear and tear. Rugged devices are built to withstand heavy usage, reducing the risk of breakdowns and minimising downtime.

Rugged Devices for Manufacturing

Top Applications & Use Cases in Manufacturing

Access Control

Enhance facility security with cutting-edge access control solutions. Our rugged devices are equipped with smart embedded RFID or NFC tags, enabling seamless authentication of employees and precise tracking of their movements. Rest assured that our advanced technology provides unparalleled protection for your premises.

Quality Control

Streamline quality control processes with rugged devices, designed to withstand harsh environments and rugged conditions. These robust devices enable accurate data collection, allowing businesses to ensure that their products consistently meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. With the integration of rugged devices, companies can enhance their quality control procedures, reduce errors, and optimise operational efficiency.

Asset Tracking

Efficiently manage and track assets across the manufacturing floor, leveraging advanced technology and robust systems. Reduce the risk of asset loss, optimise resource allocation, and enhance overall asset utilisation, leading to greater operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Inbound Processing

To ensure smooth production processes and prevent bottlenecks, leverage Conker’s range of robust handhelds and barcode scanners. With these tools, you can swiftly and precisely process materials upon their arrival at the plant. Experience heightened efficiency and accuracy in your operations.

Line Side Replenishment

Optimise your line side replenishment process by leveraging Conker mobile computers. These advanced devices help you effortlessly maintain the perfect inventory levels, ensuring you always have the right amount of material on hand. Experience the power of seamless automation and streamline your operations with Conker.


Leverage Conker’s advanced technology solutions during the assembly process to effectively and precisely monitor and trace quality at every stage of your production process. Experience the benefits of streamlined operations and enhanced accuracy.

Inventory Management

Enhance your supply chain operations with robust devices that enable real-time tracking, minimise errors, and elevate inventory management efficiency. Experience the power of seamless inventory control and streamline your business processes.

Maintenance and Repairs

To optimise operational efficiency and reduce downtime, it is recommended to equip your maintenance team with robust devices. These tools enable real-time diagnostics, efficient repairs, and proactive maintenance, ensuring smooth operations and minimising disruptions.

Why Invest in Rugged Devices for Manufacturing?

Rugged devices provide enhanced durability, better performance, and greater flexibility in comparison to traditional computing hardware. Investing in rugged technology means investing in a reliable long-term solution that keeps up with the ever-evolving demands of your manufacturing operations. From improving safety to creating faster turnaround times, there are countless benefits to using rugged devices in manufacturing environments.

Choose Conker – Your Partner in Rugged Innovation

At Conker, we understand the unique challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Our rugged devices are not just tools; they are your partners in driving efficiency and excellence. Experience the power of reliability, durability, and innovation – choose Conker for a seamless integration of technology and manufacturing.

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