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At Conker we see ourselves as an extension to what you do. Our aim is to build a partnership and really get to understand the challenges you face and how our technology can help you. We offer bespoke solutions, individually tailored to fit a very specific set of conditions – your workplace and how you deliver value for your customers. Since 2008 Conker has partnered with companies across the globe to create bespoke solutions that improve productivity, profit and customer value. These bespoke rugged devices are backed up by Conker’s hassle-free service.
A selection of past projects are listed below. Our bespoke projects begin from as little as 50 units and often customisations can be done on an even lower quantity. To discuss your project, book in a discovery call.


We were tasked with building a rugged tablet with MRZ reader and a fingerprint scanner.
In-depth discussions with the company gave us a chance to develop our ideas to include a docking station, an 8” Rugged Windows tablet for the base, and consider the best possible location for the fingerprint scanner considering how the device would be used. Our initial design was approved by the client and within six weeks we had a sample device ready – our typical turn-around for this service. The device was a great success and since we have also received enquiries for further permutations of this item.
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Winnow Solutions wanted to be able to provide their customers in Hospitality not only with their software but also the hardware that it would run on; an all-in-one, unified solution.
Winnow Solutions needed to source a provider of reliable touch screens to host their software. Conker took Winnow Solutions through our consultative process, which involves finding out who the end-user will be, what setting it will be used in, and what success might look like for the customer.

Winnow Solutions Featured Bespoke Projects


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A unique solution for unique problems
The NS6.VTAP was designed to enable faster throughput in the hospitality environment. The device brings together the industry’s smallest handheld 6” rugged Windows tablet with the unique VTAP100 contactless reader from Dot Origin, designed to read mobile passes directly from Apple iPhone, Apple Watch and Google Android NFC devices.
Suitable for contactless recognition of both known customers (loyalty tracking) and fast throughput of people (e.g. ticketing). Contactless passes have been shown to have a 4x faster through than QR codes on smartphone/paper.


We have worked with a number of leading companies to develop the screens needed for their highly interactive golf experiences.
The screens were bespoke to each company, taking into account their requirements and the environment they’d be used in.
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