Conker Analytics:
Driving Performance Benchmarking for your Scanning Operations

Conker Analytics is designed to help you optimise your scanning processes by providing valuable insights, performance monitoring, and usage pattern analysis. With this FREE data-driven tool, you’ll be able to streamline operations, improve workflows, and make informed decisions about your barcode scanning needs.


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Create a Single Dashboard to view all Scans within your Workflows or Organisation

Often businesses have no line of sight on the amount of barcodes being scanned and the performance benchmarking when using rugged handhelds. This lack of visibility can lead to productivity issues and a negative impact on customer service.

That’s why we’ve created Conker Analytics. Our unique mobile application allows you to view the number of barcodes scanned by each device and by each user. This valuable information helps you create usage patterns and behaviours, build performance benchmarking, and ultimately increase scanner productivity.

Why Choose Conker Analytics?

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Discover Usage Patterns and Behaviours

Conker Analytics provides insights into how your barcode scanners are being used. Optimise workflows, streamline operations, and ensure efficient utilisation of your devices.

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Unlock the Power of Performance Benchmarking

Conker Analytics compares the performance of your barcode scanners. Simplifying the selection of the most suitable scanners based on performance benchmarks.

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Experience Intelligent Device Analytics

Conker Analytics offers insights into which devices are being used to scan barcodes the most. This can help in optimising the barcode for different devices or screen sizes.

Compare Devices with Conker Analytics

Compare Apples with Apples

Optimising efficiency and performance monitoring is key. But when it comes to choosing the right barcode scanner for your job, it can be hard to compare models side by side.

There are so many rugged handhelds available, with different features and capabilities that it can be overwhelming to try to make an informed decision on which one will improve your scanning productivity the most.

Conker Analytics is device agnostic, so allows you to accurately compare barcode scanners so you can make the best choice for your business. You can now track every scan – giving you complete insight into how each device performs.

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Built for Users across different departments, locations and devices

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Track scan performance by Device, by User and by Day providing you’ll have access to valuable data such as scan frequency, popular scanning times, and the types of barcodes being scanned. Are you ready to uncover the hidden patterns in your scanning processes?

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With our device analytics tool, you’ll gain insights into scanner usage across different locations or departments within your organisation, allowing you to effectively manage your inventory and allocate resources where they’re needed most.

Join the Beta Test and Enjoy Analytics FREE for 1 Year

Whether you are looking to build Performance Benchmarking or Comparing Scanners, Conker Analytics gives you the power of data-driven device analytics for your barcode scanners. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimise your scanning processes, improve workflows, and make informed decisions about your scanning needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionise your mobile device scanning experience with Conker Analytics! 

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