Rugged Android Handhelds & PDAs

Advanced Rugged Android Handhelds for Industrial Excellence

In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, efficiency and durability are paramount. Enter rugged Android handhelds and PDAs. These advanced devices seamlessly blend the versatility of the Android operating system with robust construction, making them ideal companions for tough industrial, outdoor, and field environments.

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Man using a rugged android tablet on a construction site

Why Conker Android Handhelds?

  • Durable Build: Resistant to water, dust, and impacts, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments.
  • Efficient Android OS: Access a wide range of apps and functionalities, enhancing productivity and versatility.
  • Extended Battery Life: Power through long shifts without the need for frequent recharging, maximizing uptime and efficiency.

Android Handheld PDAs - Compact Powerhouses for Your Business

Our range of handheld PDAs is tailored to provide seamless performance for inventory management, data collection, and on-the-go business operations.

Rugged android tablet in a vehicle mount

Rugged Android PDA Features

  • Ergonomic and Lightweight: Designed for comfort and ease of use over extended periods.
  • High-Speed Data Processing: Quick and efficient handling of tasks and data.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular options to stay connected.

Rugged Handheld Android Tablets - Your Mobile Workstation

Discover our rugged handheld Android tablets, offering the perfect blend of a tablet’s functionality and a handheld device's mobility and robustness.

Benefits of Our Rugged Android Phablets

  • Large Displays for Enhanced Visibility: Ideal for detailed work and map viewing.
  • Adaptable for Various Applications: From field surveys to industrial inspections.
  • Tough for Harsh Conditions: Built to withstand outdoor and industrial environments.

Rugged PDAs - Dependability Meets Versatility

Our rugged PDAs are designed for challenging settings, providing the reliability needed in industries where standard devices might not suffice.

warehouse operator using rugged tablet

Why Choose Our Rugged PDAs?

  • High Durability: Meet the most stringent industrial standards for ingress and drop protection.
  • Integrated Data Capture Tools: Barcode scanners and RFID for efficient operations.
  • Customisable for Specific Needs: Tailor with software and accessories for various industry applications.

Equip Your Business with Our Rugged Handheld Solutions

At Conker, we specialise in rugged technology solutions that cater to the demanding needs of modern industries. Our selection of rugged Android handhelds and PDAs combines durability with advanced functionality, ensuring that your business stays productive in any environment. Browse our collection and find the perfect rugged device for your operations.

Tablet being used in a warehouse


Other Services

MDM for Android

Provision, configure and secure your rugged Android mobile devices across multiple operating systems. Control both content and applications with robust security. Further minimise your IT helpdesk burden through remote device troubleshooting and fully track your assets with location tracking and geo-fencing.

Scanning Performance Analytics

Optimise your Android barcode scanning processes by providing valuable insights, individual user performance monitoring, and work-area usage pattern analysis. With this FREE data-driven tool, you’ll be able to streamline operations, improve workflows, and make informed decisions about your barcode scanning needs.

Rugged Android Device Leasing

Leasing durable Android devices allows flexibility, spreads costs over time, makes the upgrade cycle easier to avoid obsolescence and avoids large upfront expenditures. Monthly payments are an operating expense which may suit your business more than the depreciation model. Conserve cashflow with leasing.

Need help finding the right Android solution?

With our selection of reliable Android devices and accidental damage warranty, Conker makes it easier than ever for businesses to keep their mobile workforce productive. Contact us today to arrange a discovery call.


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