Integrated Endpoint Management Systems in Rugged Devices

Integrated Endpoint Management Systems in Rugged Devices

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In modern-day operations how crucial it is for organisations to use Integrated Endpoint Management Systems in rugged devices? One of the most common questions when it comes to operations is what kind of devices to use. Most organisations now recognise the importance of having rugged devices at the heart of their business. Furthermore, with the COVID-19 pandemic, having an endpoint management system is also a crucial factor to consider.

In this article, we will take a closer look at why organisations can benefit when using these two powerful tools together.

Why Companies Need An Integrated Endpoint Management Systems in Rugged Devices

The Actual Cost of Using Consumer Devices for Operations

The COVID 19 pandemic and the great digital transformation resulted to brought several unique terms for companies around the world. For example, user endpoint management for information security. In the past, companies find UEM solutions expensive and unnecessary. Businesses have almost always relied on their firm’s firewall software all these times. However, as more firms worldwide have moved to work-from-home many have looked into re-evaluating their data security. As a result, it was not surprising that the value of cybersecurity solutions has risen overnight.

Unfortunately, expensive cybersecurity solutions are not for every company. Some businesses that operate as an essential enterprise like fulfilment centres, construction, manufacturing is unable to adhere to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Furthermore, using consumer devices makes it risker for workers who are in a demanding field. For example, dropping your iPhone in the water while you are in the field will deem it unusable.

Besides, planned obsolescence in these consumer devices, regular need for software updates, and batteries makes a regular consumer device an expensive investment.

Software Rugged Smart Devices Features For The Supply Chain Integrated Endpoint Management Systems in Rugged Devices

The Right To Repair Movement

In 2020, the European Parliament has shared about fully supporting the “right to repair” movement. These new rules are made to improve buyer choice and trust in tech-related products. According to the EU Commission (EC), this move will help increase the durability and lifecycle of electronics and reduce the e-waste levels in the region.

The EC laid out several proposals in this regard including the right to repair for products like smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Some potential developments will also require these devices to be designed with energy efficiency, sustainability and recycling options in mind.

Consumer Devices Requires Constant Update

Companies that implement a BYOD operation also found themselves having problems with updates. Common consumer devices like those running in IOS and Android requires a constant update. This can become a major issue especially when data security may become unmanageable. New updates to an operating system might affect the speed at which a company’s UEM software is updated. Also, Android-using employees go easily outdated with an update while your iOS using staffs are fine.

Solutions – Rugged Devices

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to these issues – using devices and software that offer durability and security. Rugged mobile devices function even in the most demanding operations. These tools can seamlessly integrate UEM and MDM platforms. Additionally, unique programs are used to allow these devices to engage only when the network is secure.

Conker rugged devices are known for their performance and durability – but is also known to provide the best after-sales solutions for companies who need repair and maintenance. Also, it is a good choice for companies that need additional features like Push-To-Talk, barcode scanning, and more.

According to research by mobile makers Samsung, 90% of employees prefer using rugged devices and are hoping that their companies invest in these devices.

Improve Your Security Ecosystem

In 2017, Danish shipping giant A.P. Møller-Maersk experience huge losses due to a data breach. As a result, countless other companies implemented additional measures to prevent more malicious software attacks.

In 2020, as companies are now moving into a new work set-up, hackers are trying to find vulnerabilities in the supply chain and logistics industries. However, unlike the major attack 3 years prior, these hackers are now targeting small to mid-size operations mainly with ransomware. Integrated Endpoint Management Systems can help protect software against these cyber-attacks. A fully integrated UEM and MDM software will ensure that your data stays your own.

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Anthony Nicholson

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