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3 Ways To Prepare Warehouse Operations For Peak Season

3 Ways To Prepare Warehouse Operations For Peak Season

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As businesses prepare for peak season, which is the time of year with the highest demand for products or services, it becomes essential to optimise warehouse operations. Warehouse processes, inventory management, and supply chain operations must be streamlined to ensure customer satisfaction while maintaining operational efficiency. 

Warehouse managers must focus on warehouse space, store inventory, the picking process, storage space, and packing and shipping to meet consumer expectations effectively.

To remain competitive, businesses must continually improve and forecast demand to allocate resources, such as equipment and staffing, most cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. 

This is where effective warehousing practices come in, including the receiving process, storage, and packing. The management team must leverage technology and adopt uninterrupted data capture to improve the warehousing focus and ensure that the right products are shipped effectively.

In this article, we will focus on three best practices for preparing warehouse operations for peak season: adopting uninterrupted data capture, optimising warehouse layout, and leveraging the right technology. 

By following these practices, businesses can ensure that they are prepared to meet the demand during peak season while also maintaining customer satisfaction and improving their supply chain operations.  Understanding Peak Season in Warehousing Every year, warehouses face a surge in activity for several months due to the high demand for products. The peak season typically begins in October as people start preparing for the holidays and extends until January, with warehouses dealing with high volumes of returns. During this period, supply chains may also face disruptions, forcing warehouses to find ways to operate more efficiently.

It is crucial to prepare warehouse operations for peak season as it brings increased demands on warehouse processes. Failing to plan for peak season can lead to significant warehouse constraints, challenges in balancing inventory, and shortages in labour, resulting in dissatisfied customers and disgruntled client.

Adopt Uninterrupted Data Capture

To prepare your warehouse operations for peak season, it is crucial to ensure uninterrupted data capture. Warehouses play a vital role in the e-commerce and online retail industries. Smooth operations lead to timely and accurate order fulfilment, which ultimately leads to happy customers and increased revenue.

On the other hand, poor warehouse management during peak season can result in inventory imbalances, labour shortages, and unhappy clients.

Barcode scanners are essential devices that help warehouse operations run smoothly. They facilitate easy tracking of inventory, item location, and other vital information. However, barcode scanners can experience difficulties operating in the warehouse environment, which is typically harsh and demanding.

Barcode scanners are often in constant use, exposed to dust, and moisture, and prone to accidental damage, such as getting knocked over or run over by a forklift.

Investing in a rugged barcode scanner from Conker is a wise decision. A rugged barcode scanner can withstand the harsh conditions of a warehouse environment and ensure uninterrupted data capture. Conker’s rugged barcode scanners are easy to deploy, manage, optimise, integrate, and built to last.

Rugged barcode scanners can perform various warehouse transactions, including receiving, material handling, picking, packing, shipping label generation, and handling returns. With a reliable barcode scanner, you can ensure that your warehouse operation runs smoothly and efficiently during peak season. To ensure optimal warehouse operations during peak season, it is important to focus on specific areas such as the receiving area, forward picking area, and returns area. A well-designed receiving area enables the quick processing of new shipments and the efficient movement of inventory. In the forward picking area, items in high demand should be stored in easily accessible locations to reduce the time and cost per order. This area’s configuration can be modified by considering seasonal demand, product velocity, and current trends. Finally, an effective returns area with transition and evaluation points can efficiently manage the increased volume of returns during peak season.

Leveraging The Right Technology

If you’re responsible for managing one or multiple warehouses, you understand that communication and coordination are critical for efficient operations during the busiest time of the year. Without effective communication and planning, you’re likely to struggle during peak seasons.

Fortunately, you can prepare your warehouse operations for peak season by using the appropriate technology. With the right technology, you can increase efficiency and provide improved visibility throughout the warehouse process.

Some examples of useful technology include:

Conker provides a range of rugged devices designed for use in demanding warehouse environments. These devices are durable, easy to deploy, manage, optimise, and integrate, making them ideal for improving warehouse operations during peak season.

Conker Devices for Warehouses

Conker’s rugged devices include:

  1. Rugged handheld tablets– These devices are designed to withstand drops, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. They can be used for a wide range of warehouse operations, including inventory management, order picking, and shipping.
  2. Rugged handhelds – These devices are ideal for workers who need a larger screen to view data and images. They can be used to monitor inventory levels, update orders, and manage shipments.
  3. Rugged wearables – These devices are ideal for workers who need a device that is both rugged and versatile. They can be used to communicate with other workers, access data, and manage warehouse operations.

Conker’s rugged devices are built to withstand the harsh conditions of a busy warehouse and can help improve efficiency and productivity during peak seasons.

To find the right device for business, get in touch with Conker today.

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