6 Rugged Android Devices Facts

6 Rugged Android Devices Facts

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The rugged Android devices landscape has seen plenty of changes over time. Whether due to shift towards the mobile enterprise driven by digital transformation or the impact of a more mobile workforce driven by the impact of Coronavirus, businesses have had to change their operations. And rugged devices have also become a huge part of these changes. Companies from different industries are now adopting social distancing measures. Therefore, rugged devices are at the heart of these changes. Based on market forecasts the rugged handheld market is expected to continue to grow dramatically and to play a bigger role in numerous industries.

There are plenty of reasons why industries prefer using rugged devices. In this article, we take a look at some of the major facts that make rugged devices the number one choice for businesses.

How does a rugged android device differ from a regular android device?

Rugged android devices are built to withstand harsh conditions like extreme temperatures, drops, and water exposure. They have reinforced casings, ruggedized screens, and longer battery life compared to regular android devices. This makes them ideal for outdoor or industrial use where durability is essential.

More than Durability

The rugged design of a rugged Android device ensures durability and reliability even in extreme conditions. With features like IP65 waterproof rating, shockproof construction, and dustproof capabilities, these devices are built to withstand harsh environments. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or working in rugged settings, a rugged Android device is designed to keep up with your adventurous spirit.

6 Rugged Android Devices Facts

1. Rugged Devices Last Longer – Up to 5 Years

Commonly, consumer smartphones have a relatively shorter life cycle. Considering the main functions industrial and other business operations ask for, it would be better if devices can have a well-defined life cycle. A regular Android device can last anywhere from one to one and a half years. In comparison, rugged Android devices enjoy a 5-year lifecycle.

The majority of the standard mobile phones on the market today are susceptible to water seepage into their circuits. Additionally, it’s not just about water, dust, and shock resistance but also a smooth operating system, custom software, and other factors. All of these requirements can easily be fitted into a rugged Android device.

Rugged rugged android 1 6 Rugged Android Devices Facts

2. Rugged Devices Allows Teams To Spend Less

Spending less with rugged Android devices is ultimately beneficial for any business. Rugged devices are typically more expensive at the start. However, it offers endless possibilities and options which makes it more valuable for any kind of operation.

  • Less Maintenance Cost – Gone are the days when you are required to bring in your devices for routine maintenance. Worst case scenario is when your device completely fails and it reduces operational capacity. As mentioned above, rugged devices are made to endure any kind of environment from difficult terrains, falls, water issues, dust issues, and more.
  • Less Training Cost – Do you have the time, money, and manpower to train personnel on new devices every six months to a year? The average ruggedized tablet PC has a lifespan of four+ years—with some lasting up to seven before technological changes necessitate a new unit. Constant device changes mean you’re frustrating field personnel and wasting their time getting up to speed on new mobile devices.
  • Efficiency For A Variety of Needs – A typical rugged device can be used in a variety of ways. For example, Conker’s Rugged Windows and Android devices can be equipped with a 2D scanner to allow you to easily convert your device into a scanner.

3. Employees Love Rugged Devices

Staffs want devices that are hard to break, easy to use, and consistently reliable. This is especially true for those who are working in demanding environments. Nevertheless, at least 65% of office workers use phones with damaged screens, up to 27% use ones with a smashed display. These inefficiencies can cost a lot for your business. As the world changes to the new normal, it is crucial to provide your staff with rugged devices that are durable and trustworthy.

4. Rugged Devices Improves Productivity

Providing your employees with key tools to help improve productivity is a crucial step to growth. The unique features including real-time data processing, high processing power, mobility, durability, and more make it suited for use in extreme conditions. Rugged tablets are used to improve the productivity of different industries. For example, in the manufacturing sector, it can help streamline operations and ensure that machines and workers are operating at maximum capacity. Furthermore, rugged devices are also helpful in quality control. Rugged devices are a great tool to track and monitor the manufactured products to ensure they meet the set standards.

In the transport industry, rugged devices can greatly improve truck management. For example, it is easier to driver’s locations, fuel consumption, driving habits, and more. Also, in the healthcare sector, rugged devices are a reliable tool that improved the services of the healthcare facilities and ensures streamlined operations which results in significant savings in time and finances.

5. Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

The total cost of ownership is important for any business operation. Considering total costs over time compared to the starting costs can usually be the difference between success and failure. As a result, it is important to make cost-efficient decisions. And aim for an outcome that will save money over time for the business.

Total Cost of Ownership is an important consideration for a business because it means an enterprise will be able to save more over time. To help you understand the Total Cost of Ownership, consider this unique guide from Conker.

6. Fewer Failure Rates

The failure of a device in the field can have numerous consequences whether you are a big or small enterprise. According to a study by Kyocera, non-rugged devices are three times likely more to fail than rugged devices. In a research by,, device and IT failure cost the global economy up to $6.2 trillion annually. Downtime, failure, and outages will cost your business less productive time for your employees and less satisfied customers.

Rugged Android Smartphones

Rugged Android smartphones and handheld devices continue to create changes in numerous industries. This is why your business must understand its benefits and how it can help your operations over time. Conker features some of the leading rugged Android devices in the market today. The team develops some of the best and most reliable devices meant for business use. Click here to know more about the review the complete line of Conker Android handhelds line which includes a range of Android tablets.

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Screen Size4″5.7″5″6.5″5″5.7″5″
Specification4GB + 64GB4GB + 64GB6GB + 128GB8GB + 128GB4GB + 64GB4GB + 64GB4GB + 64GB
Android Version11111214 (Upgradable)101112
BatteryUser swappableFixedUser swappableUser swappableHot SwappableFixedUser swappable
Barcode2D2D2D2D2D ultra long rangeNoneOptional
Extra Features25-Button KeypadFingerprint SensorATEX Zone 2, Fingerprint Sensor
AccessoriesPistol Grip, Desk DockDesk DockHand Strap, Pistol Grip, Desk Dock, Multi-dock, Vehicle MountHand Strap, Pistol Grip, Desk Dock, Multi-dock, Multi-battery chargerPistol Grip, Desk DockDesk DockHand Strap, Pistol Grip, Desk Dock, Multi-dock, Vehicle Mount
IP RatingIP65IP68IP67IP67IP54IP68IP67
Battery run time at full brightness8 hours10 hours16 hours8 hours


Why do people choose rugged smartphones?

People choose rugged smartphones for a variety of reasons, including their durability and resistance to damage from drops, water, dust, and other environmental factors. Rugged smartphones are designed to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling, making them ideal for outdoor activities, construction sites, or other environments where a regular smartphone might not hold up. Additionally, rugged smartphones often come with extra features such as long battery life, extra loud speakers, and built-in tools like compasses or barometers that can be useful in outdoor settings. Overall, people choose rugged smartphones for their reliability and ability to withstand tough conditions without compromising on performance.

Are rugged phones worth it?

Rugged phones can be worth it for individuals who work in demanding environments or engage in outdoor activities where their phone may be subjected to rough conditions. Rugged phones are designed to withstand drops, water exposure, dust, and other challenging situations better than regular smartphones. They often come with reinforced frames, durable materials, and sometimes even military-grade certifications for durability.

If you find yourself frequently in situations where a delicate phone might not survive, a rugged phone could be a good investment. Moreover, keep in mind that rugged phones are typically more relevant in work environment where TCO and wear and tear are critical to certain business processes. It ultimately depends on your application and needs whether the added durability of a rugged phone is worth it for you.

Which will be the best rugged smartphone this year?

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