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Rugged Devices for Travel and Leisure

Rugged Devices for Travel and Leisure

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Rugged Devices for Travel and Leisure

Rugged devices have come a long way from tools popularly known within the construction and manufacturing industry. Today, industries like travel and leisure are also choosing to use these powerful devices for their operations. In this article, we take a look at how rugged devices are completely shaping the future of the leisure, hospitality, and travel sector.

Challenges In the Travel and Leisure Industry

In 2020, the hospitality, travel, and leisure sector took a huge blow from the COVID-19 pandemic. As countries around the world close their borders, people are encouraged to stay at home. This caused a huge blow to numerous companies that provide leisure and travel services, and are unable to continue operating. Still, the more resilient companies found an opportunity to reassess, rebuild, and remarket their service.

Moreover, as many countries are now starting to introduce the first vaccines, this industry is hopeful that they will soon have the chance to serve clients again. It is important that as you redesign your company, to consider the best ways to provide service for your clients. One of the best ways to improve customer experience is by introducing streamlined, fast, and efficient services through technology. For instance, you can use rugged devices to ensure continuous communication at all times. 

Defining Rugged Devices?

In the most generic terms, rugged devices are mobility tools built to withstand rigorous environments. It can take the “beating” that your normal mobile phone, tablet, or laptop can’t. Rugged devices have all the same components as you’d find in a commercial model but are protected better. For example, your rugged device is water-resistant in case an employee or customer accidentally spills coffee into the device.

Conker’s rugged smartphones come in mainly two operating systems, Windows and Android. As a result, whether your team is more comfortable using the first or the latter, it will always be user-friendly. Android, Linux, and Windows. The ideal operating system for your business is dependent on several factors. Rugged Android tablets promise excellent flexibility. Over and over again, these devices have proven to be the best solution in vertical industries. In the meantime, rugged Windows handhelds offer customizability, they still offer strong performance in fieldwork and maintenance, logistics, industrial, mining, oil and gas, and commercial applications.

The consumer-grade mobile devices these days are impressive, however, they are also unequipped to meet the challenging and ever-changing demands of the travel and leisure industry. This often leads to requiring rugged and unified handhelds.

Industry Insights Rugged Devices for Travel and Leisure Rugged Devices for Travel and LeisureHow Rugged Devices Can Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Leisure and Travel Industry?

In our previous article, we shared the importance of technology in the leisure industry. The article shared how technology helps improve customer experiences with the help of rugged smartphones.

Attractions, Rides, and Entertainment – Reduce queuing through digitizing paper-based systems. For example, rugged smartphone devices such as Conker SX50 offer optional 2D scanners which allow scanning and checking faster than ever. 

Water parks and swimming pools – Use rugged interactive screens that improve swimming experiences.

Cafés, Restaurants, Food Shops – Reduce physical interaction by using rugged devices such as the Conker NS6 to receive orders and complete payments.

Improve frontline communication – Your front liners will never have to worry about lost communication again. As a result, rugged devices help workers continuously connect with the right people within your organization no matter when and where. 

Rugged Devices For The Future of Connectivity

The future of connectivity promises to change the way people work, play, and live. Rugged handhelds play a major role at the heart of these changes and technological advancement. To ensure that your company continues to unlock opportunities, using rugged devices is a crucial choice. For more information about rugged devices, check out our list of products today.  

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