Six Industries Where Rugged Technology is Needed

Six Industries Where Rugged Technology is Needed

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When fieldwork is part of operations employees’ rugged technology will play a crucial role in employee productivity. Unfortunately, some industries still continue to rely on regular mobile devices. While the latest consumer mobile phones or tablets will do the job, they may not become reliable in the long run. Devices will experience extreme wear and tear when frequently used in the field, outdoors, or on the operations floor. As a result, these devices will likely experience device failure. This is why using rugged technology is one of the most important business considerations for a range of sectors. 

Rugged devices are important for industries that deal with harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, weather, and constant movement. These industries will enjoy benefits when they invest in rugged tech. Rugged devices are designed to endure despite exposure to extreme weather and temperature, great drops, and many others.

What Is and Why You Should Consider Rugged Technology 

In its most basic term, these are devices that come with tough and sturdy hardware. Rugged devices can tolerate the most demanding environments. As a result, it is the best choice for industries that require mobility in the field or floor operations. When data access is a crucial part of business, rugged devices provide the best solutions against common issues like drops, water exposure, dust ingress, and more. 

Top Industries That Can Benefit By Using Rugged Technology

Public Safety

According to a survey by Praetorian Digital via, police officers feel that they often do not get the right mobile technology tools. This survey result can be a huge problem as these workers are at the forefront of providing crucial services to the public.

It’s important for public safety workers to be extremely mobile and become efficient with how they deliver their services. In some public safety sectors, they may even face life-threatening situations. Rugged devices help workers make quick decisions even when in extreme situations. Like many other jobs, staying connected and being able to easily relay and receive information is important. In other words, when it comes to public safety, connectivity and mobility are critical. Rugged devices such as Conker SX-50 can easily offer a range of solutions. For example, the push-to-talk option ensures that officers can quickly relay information to a command center in any type of situation. 

Rugged devices can also provide a long list of benefits for first responders. It can help protect them and those that they’re trying to help by improving situational awareness, allowing reliable communications channels, as well as, supporting social distancing tools.

Retail Warehouses and Supply Chain

Retail warehouses can benefit greatly from rugged devices. Rugged devices are an awesome addition and help employees in retail warehouses or back offices well-equipped. Having a rugged device helps improve mobility, alongside many other benefits. For instance, rugged devices allow easier communication between workers, optimize the company workflow, reduce human errors and mistakes. 

Furthermore, rugged devices help support the supply chain and logistics employees greatly. Their work requires movement, keeping track of inventory, moving and delivering items, and many more. In their environment, regular devices can’t keep up with the required demand, and therefore, the device fails. This is where rugged devices shine, with reliability and constant uptime. They can endure extreme temperatures and weather, harsh shocks and drops, and are waterproof. 

For example, in a warehouse that works with barcodes, rugged devices also greatly increase the company’s efficiency and accuracy. With rugged devices, employees just have to scan and go. This also makes the job of managing the inventory easy as well. Increased accuracy and efficiency improve the organization’s overall productivity, time management, and even cuts costs.

Rugged Technology in the Utility Sector

There is no household or building without utility. Every person relies on utility, and even more so, now that COVID-19 is here and everyone is encouraged to stay home. In addition, outages can happen anytime and anywhere – they’re unpredictable. When it does happen, immediate response and an instant solution should be delivered by this sector. Therefore, employees are dispatched to different settings and are exposed to different environments that can harm their devices. Like many other industries listed here, equipping workers with rugged devices improve their work greatly. Employees do not have to worry about device failure. 

Rugged Technology in the Military

It’s crucial for military personnel to use devices that support them in their missions and withstand the harsh settings they’re in. Device failure is detrimental in their field of work, as it could mean life or death. Real-time data and information are very important to keep operations and plans smooth, up, and running. Rugged devices’ durability and great endurance allow military personnel to stay connected and continue to have smooth conversations no matter what the situation is. 

Oil and Gas

While many oil and gas environments are one of the most demanding work environments, rugged devices also shine here. Rugged tech means workers are using devices that can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and many other factors that could cause device failure in mobile devices. With the help of rugged devices, companies in the oil and gas sector can ensure that everyone is consistently connected and informed.

Ruggedized technology is critical in allowing workers to effectively communicate with supervisors. Additionally, it is also helpful in quick response during potentially serious incidents, surveying, location tracking, asset management, inspection,  and environmental assessments. Rugged devices that have the right features and certifications, that oil and gas employees can take advantage of. Using an approved rugged device, a worker from this industry can be safer,  more responsive, more productive, and more collaborative.

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