Why Go Rugged? The Benefits of Rugged Portable Tablets

Why Go Rugged? The Benefits of Rugged Portable Tablets

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A rugged portable tablet is a piece of equipment that functions just like any mobile device – only better. It has several advanced features which makes it an excellent choice for businesses that are constantly on the move or operate in harsh environments. A rugged tablet is purpose-built to make work processes easier. By allowing staff real-time access to data, great connectivity options, and durability through robust build and design, a rugged extreme tablet helps operations become more efficient across a multitude of work roles and sectors.

Benefits of Rugged Portable Tablets

Many businesses need quick and reliable data access. So it’s not surprising that devices that offer rugged protection are growing rapidly in popularity. Companies know all too well that their mobile workforce needs the same quick access to real-time data as their office-bound colleagues. This practice allows for seamless communication between departments and as a result, it provides faster delivery of products and services.

Rugged tablets are built with industrial-grade components that don’t just make them resistant to extreme temperatures, impact, and dust; they also have features such as night vision mode, waterproof keyboards, and specialized glove-friendly screens. This allows users to work in any environment, in all weather conditions without sacrificing performance.

A rugged extreme tablet is also designed to be more secure than a traditional consumer device. This is because they offer added security through encryption, physical locks, and the ability to remotely control access. These features help ensure that confidential information remains secure and protected from potential cyber-attacks or data breaches.

Most importantly, rugged devices have a longer life span than traditional consumer devices. Comprehensive warranties ensure hassle free operation for up to 5 years with minimal downtime.

Better Mobility and High-Performance

Tablets have always been at the forefront of the marketplace when it comes to mobility. They play a huge role in allowing connectivity at all times. Many tablets have the same processing power as a regular personal computer or laptop – at a compact size, which makes them an invaluable tool. In Warehouse and Logistics, it is easier to manage huge inventories using these advanced tools. With rugged tablets, workers are not tied to their desks and can carry out data capture tasks anytime and anywhere. This greatly increases the efficiency and productivity of operations.

Rugged tablets are also perfect for outdoor applications, as they can handle extreme weather conditions and rough terrains in the harshest environments. Plus, their long battery life gives users enough power to get through the entire day without having to recharge or replace batteries.

Rugged Portable Tablets Are Durable

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a rugged tablet is its durability. Rugged devices are designed to work in rigorous environments, which makes them the perfect choice for most industrial workplaces.

Businesses that need access to data and are constantly exposing their devices to water, extreme temperatures, or elevated areas (where there is a risk of breakage due to dropping) will benefit from using rugged tablets. Most rugged devices are temperature tested and made with an IP rating of IP65 which means they are protected against water sprays and dust.

In addition to durable hardware, rugged tablets are also made with an adaptive and tough internal system. This means businesses can benefit from device longevity as rugged portable tablets continue to perform effectively even past their lifespan.

Rugged tablets provide businesses with a reliable, secure platform to access and interact with data. This makes them an excellent choice for a variety of industries, including construction, logistics, law enforcement, and healthcare. With rugged devices in hand, teams can work efficiently and accurately across multiple sites. In addition to providing improved productivity, rugged tablets also give businesses the peace of mind that their data will remain secure regardless of their environment.

Overall, rugged tablets are designed to provide reliable functionality and longevity so businesses can continue to stay connected and productive in all types of conditions. With a wide range of features and accessories available, they offer an unparalleled level of performance.

Affordable Total Ownership Cost

Making cost-effective decisions is a crucial part of any business. Rugged tablets are generally more expensive than your typical off-the-shelf devices. However, thanks to their unique features and functions, rugged devices can save businesses expenses over time. The most common costs that businesses can save on through using rugged devices include:

  • Support and Repair costs – Rugged devices suffer less damage, breakages, and other issues, this means device support and repair costs are minimized.
  • Recurring costs –  The longevity of rugged devices means less is spent on replacing devices that frequently break.
  • Indirect Cost – No loss of business due to downtime created by hardware failures.

Unique Usability Features

Rugged tablets are designed with unique features to meet various business needs. Unlike regular consumer tablets, rugged tablets are built with practicality and durability in mind. Features such as barcode scanning, fingerprint reading, ergonomic straps and mounts prove advantageous for businesses compared to regular tablets.

Take the Conker SX82 rugged android tablet for example, it is the ideal mobile tool for business use. Its integrated barcode scanner and 64GB storage make it an excellent choice for data capture.

Wireless Connectivity

The handheld and compact design of rugged tablets means that users can connect wirelessly anywhere at any time. Real-time access to data on the go helps to reduce downtime for several industries including transport, construction, travel, hospitality, and public services.

The Conker SX82 supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE for seamless cellular connectivity. It also has a 12-month warranty and is certified for use in extreme temperatures, making it the perinesses can be sure that their dafect device for those who need access to data outside of their office. This device is a great tablet for business use, with its rugged design and integrated barcode scanner providing businesses with accurate and secure data capture on the go. It also has plenty of power to run multiple applications at once, making it one of the most reliable rugged tablets on the market. With its long battery life, busta will remain secure and accessible for long periods of time.

Rugged portable tablets with ergonomic straps and mounts allow users to switch easily between standing and sitting positions without having to remove the device. This makes it easier and more comfortable to work outdoors in a variety of environments.

Highly Durable Construction

Rugged tablets are designed with extra durability features compared to regular consumer tablets, making them ideal for outdoor use. These include IP ratings of 65 and up which protect against water and dust.

Industries That Can Benefit From Rugged Portable Tablets

Workers across several industries can benefit from using rugged devices.  For public services, being able to rely on responsive technology in outdoor conditions is crucial. Rugged tablets can operate even when exposed to extreme heat, cold weather, dust, dirt, and moisture. Conker NS10’s which run on Windows operating systems, for example, provides excellent outdoor readability, seamless communication, and connectivity options, along with vehicle docking capabilities.

Manufacturing companies can also benefit from using rugged devices. In factories or plants where temperatures can be hot or cold, and the risk of knocks and drops is high, rugged devices can continue to run diagnostics, manage inventory, and report.

Similarly, companies in the Hospitality and Leisure industry can ensure that access to data is readily available anytime and anywhere – whether it’s outdoors in rainfall, at risk of being dropped from great heights, or in constant sunlight.

Rugged tablets are designed to endure the harshest working environments.  They can even survive when constantly exposed to strong vibrations, a range of extreme temperatures, and dusty or wet conditions. The importance and benefits of rugged devices for businesses cannot be underestimated. As the requirement for mobility grows, the ability to access data remotely should be considered crucial for  businesses to remain competitive

Rugged devices allow companies to stay connected and access data anytime, anywhere – regardless of the working environment. Check out the best Android or Windows Rugged tablets for your company today.

Conker Rugged Devices

Conker offers a range of rugged tablets, handhelds, and wearables that are designed to withstand even the toughest environments and are built to withstand drops, water, dust, and extreme temperatures. They are constructed with high-quality materials, such as polycarbonate and rubber, which make them highly resistant to impact and abrasions. The tablets operate on either an android or windows operating system.

One of the most impressive features of Conker tablets is their ability to withstand drops. They have been drop-tested from heights of up to six feet onto concrete surfaces, and have passed with flying colors. This means that even if the tablet is accidentally dropped, it is unlikely to sustain any serious damage, ensuring that it remains operational and functional. Check here to know more about Conker rugged tablet’s IP rating.

In addition to their drop resistance, our rugged tablets are also highly water-resistant. They are designed with high IP ratings, which means they can withstand being sprayed with water and even being submerged in water for a short period. This is especially important for businesses that operate in wet environments, such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, or outdoor events.

Conker rugged tablets are also highly resistant to dust and other small particles. They are designed with a sealed construction that prevents dust and other small particles from getting inside the device, which can cause damage to internal components. This means that even in dusty or dirty environments, they will continue to function without any issues.

Another impressive feature of these devices is their ability to operate in extreme temperatures. They are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C, which means they can be used in a variety of different environments, from cold to scorching hot. This makes them ideal for businesses that operate in harsh or extreme environments, such as oil and gas refineries or mining operations.

Overall, the ruggedness of Conker tablets is one of their most impressive features. They are designed to withstand even the toughest environments and are built to last, ensuring that they remain operational and functional for years to come. If you need the best-rugged tablets for your business operations get in touch today.

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