Windows CE gets a New life with the Rugged Conkers NS6 Windows Handheld

Windows CE gets a New life with the Rugged Conkers NS6 Windows Handheld

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What Does The End of Windows CE Mean For Warehousing?

With Microsoft’s recent announcement regarding the discontinuation of its Windows operating systems for mobile devices such as Windows CE and Windows Mobile, the future of warehousing and manufacturing industries remains uncertain. For years, these industries have relied heavily on these operating systems to manage their day-to-day operations. Now, with the end of the Windows Embedded CE operating system, businesses are faced with the challenge of finding new and efficient ways to manage their operations.

Transition To Newer Systems

Transitioning to new systems and services will likely be a complex and time-consuming process for many companies. It may require significant investments in new hardware and software, as well as training for employees on how to use these new tools effectively. The costs of this transition could be substantial, especially for smaller businesses that may not have the same level of financial resources as larger enterprises.

Moreover, the end of the Windows CE operating system may also have implications for other aspects of the supply chain. For example, it could impact the compatibility of barcode scanners and other hardware devices that are used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. This may necessitate further investments in new operating systems, and equipment or require businesses to switch to different technologies altogether.

End-Of-Life Date for Windows CE

The end-of-life date for Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5 was July 11th, 2020, while Windows CE 7.0 reached its end of life on November 10th, 2021. This leaves those using rugged mobile devices running these operating systems vulnerable to security risks without updates and support from Microsoft. Businesses that still need to use these devices may want to consider upgrading as soon as possible. Other solutions, such as changing to a different operating system or migrating to an entirely different device should be explored to minimize any potential disruptions and ensure the highest levels of security and reliability.

Transformation for Windows CE

Despite the potential challenges and costs associated with this transition, there are also opportunities for businesses to embrace new technologies and systems that could ultimately improve their operations. For instance, the shift towards cloud-based services and the Internet of Things (IoT) could offer greater flexibility and scalability for businesses. Additionally, newer operating systems may offer improved security features and better support for mobile devices, which could help to enhance the efficiency and safety of warehouse operations.

Overall, the transition from traditional warehouse systems to more modern technologies or to other Microsoft Operating Systems is an important step for businesses seeking increased efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. By investing in up-to-date technology, companies can be well-positioned to take advantage of the many benefits digital transformation can offer.

The implementation of new technologies in Windows CE doesn’t necessarily mean an end to efficient warehousing and manufacturing operations.

The good news is that the end of Windows CE doesn’t necessarily mean an end to efficient warehousing and manufacturing operations.

The Conker rugged NS6 Windows Handheld is one of the solutions that many companies are turning to, to fill the void just as rugged devices are used to solve other common business challenges. The NS6 is a powerful, resilient, and robust platform designed to serve the needs of the most demanding industrial applications. It offers several advantages over the Windows CE operating system, including better system stability and reliability, support for multiple simultaneous users in a secured environment, improved data capture capabilities, and additional features such as integrated barcoding and printing. This handheld device has been specifically designed with warehousing and manufacturing needs in mind.

What Does Windows CE End Of Life Mean?

End of life means that Microsoft will no longer provide updates and support after that date for this version of windows. With no more updates or extended support being available, using these devices beyond their support dates poses a security risk to your organization from malicious attacks and other threats. This is why now is the time to plan by looking at alternatives that are available before these support dates come up.

The Conker NS6: The Solution

The use of rugged tablets and barcode scanners in warehouse operations has revolutionized the way these facilities are managed.

Rugged devices notably handhelds previously operated with the Windows CE operating system, Conker’s flagship 6-inch NS6 device combined with the updated Windows Pro operating system known for its stability, reliability, and ease of use, has filled the void previously occupied by the now discontinued Microsoft Windows CE rugged devices.

The Rugged Windows handheld provides an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution for managing inventory, tracking shipments, and improving productivity by working seamlessly with most WMS/TMS software solutions, SAP, and many more embedded systems.

One of the most significant benefits of using rugged tablets and barcode scanners in warehouse operations is the ability to automate inventory management. With the Rugged Conker NS6, warehouse workers can quickly and easily scan barcodes on products to track their location, update inventory levels, and track shipments. This real-time information can then be accessed by all stakeholders including management, shipping and receiving departments, and customer service, allowing for more accurate and efficient operations

An important factor in their success is the fact that these handhelds and scanners are as ergonomic as they are rugged. Warehouse environments can be harsh with the exposure of windows and mobile devices to dust, moisture, and rough handling. Rugged Windows barcode scanners like the NS6 are designed to withstand these conditions ensuring they continue to function properly even in challenging environments. This means fewer devices need to be replaced, reducing downtime and saving money in the long run. We at Conker focus on uptime, and with the incredibly low failure rate of our devices, you will quickly see the net impact on your bottom line with a positive ROI in a relatively short space of time.

Benefits Of The Conker NS6

Instead of using the Windows Embedded Compact operating system which the majority of rugged handheld devices operate on, the 6-inch NS6 operates with the Windows Pro operating system. Windows CE compared pales in comparison to the NS6 with features that will meet all of your warehousing needs. More than just a Windows phone, the Conker NS6 provides solutions unlike any other. This device allows warehouse workers the ability to quickly and easily access the information they require without having to deal with complicated software or hardware. Additionally, the user-friendly interface makes it simple to train new employees, reducing the amount of time it takes to get them up and running.

Another advantage of rugged tablets and barcode scanners in warehouse operations is their ability to improve productivity. The Conker NS6, allows workers to complete tasks faster and more accurately, reducing mispicks, and speeding up the time it takes to complete shipments and manage inventory. This increased efficiency leads to more streamlined operations and reduced costs. The real-time information provided by the Windows Handheld allows managers to make informed decisions and adjust operations as needed, further improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Conker NS6 for Warehousing Operations

The Conker NS6 part of the Conker range of Rugged Windows devices is a powerful replacement device that offers a range of benefits, including improved efficiency, reduced downtime, enhanced security, better user experience, and no software changes. By embracing this powerful new handheld device, you can stay one step ahead of the competition while creating an efficient workspace where staff can work smarter, not harder.

The Conker NS6 has built-in analytics features that enable businesses to track and analyse key performance metrics in real time. With the use of barcode scanning, inventory updates can be quickly recorded, eliminating the need for manual tracking processes. Additionally, NFC technology allows for secure contactless transactions and authentication between devices. These streamlines operations by providing fast access to critical information as well as reducing the time needed for data entry.

For a complete breakdown of our first NS6 2/16GB version written by by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer read the article in Rugged PC Review here.

The updated NS6 version today is a far more powerful 4/64GB device.

In conclusion, the use of rugged tablets and barcode scanners in warehouse operations provides a solution that is efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. The Conker 6-inch which runs on the Windows Pro operating system can automate inventory management, improve productivity and provide real-time information that can be used to make informed decisions. With its advanced features and capabilities, the Conker 6-inch Windows Pro is an ideal choice for warehouse operations managers who are worried about the end of devices that operate on windows CE.

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