Case Study

Cyberhawk Case Study

Cyberhawk Case Study

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Cyberhawk is the world leader in drone inspection, survey and visual asset management, and use a range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV or UAS) and comprehensive management software to assist its end users.

The Scotland-based company serves a number of verticals including Oil & Gas, Wind, Utilities and Infrastructure, and has become a UAV pioneer, trusted by some of the world’s largest operators in each sector.

In short, Cyberhawk are experts in ensuring that the safety and efficiency of assets (such as overhead powerlines, wind turbines, oil rigs, cooling towers and bridges) is maintained. These assets are assessed and controlled using Cyberhawk’s visual asset management software, iHawk.

They also turned 10 years old this year, as did Conker, (Happy Birthday to us)! 🎂


Cyberhawk choose Conker’s 8” Android tablet which is IP rated and equipped with warranty.


  • Storage space. Cyberhawk uses multiple UAVs and and highly experienced plant inspectors on the ground at power-lines and towers to carry out risk assessments. Therefore using a device which has enough space to store large volumes of data (mostly images taken from risk assessments) is vital.
  • Battery Life. This is absolutely crucial for Cyberhawk; conducting inspections on power-lines must be extremely thorough and can take all day to complete, therefore having a device that can last all day (and then some) is important.
  • Ruggedness. This one is a given, with Cyberhawk specialising in maintaining the safety of infrastructures worldwide, and often in potentially dangerous environments. This is why choosing an IP rated tablet is important; it can be dropped, exposed to dust, submerged in water and used in extreme temperatures and still perform with excellence.
  • Mobility. For Cyberhawk’s ground patrol experts it is essential that the device they use day-in-day-out is easy to transport and ergonomic.


“(Conker’s 8” rugged Android) tablets allow our clients to complete condition assessment inspections of high voltage transmission towers which is then tied into our online visual asset management software, iHawk, and combined with our UAV based inspections. iHawk then allows our clients to query the inspection results, generate works orders and send them to the Conker tablet computers in the field for maintenance and repairs to be completed. Our clients can now efficiently conduct inspection, maintenance and repairs without having to carry bulky laptops or delicate tablets.”

“The compact and ruggedised design is easy to hold and use and perfect for any weather conditions that the workers might find in the field. They have a long battery life which also allows working in remote areas for the whole day, making them truly mobile and flexible.”

– Martin Campbell, Sector Head Utilities & Infrastructure.

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