Case Study
Winnow Solutions Case Study: What a waste!

Winnow Solutions Case Study: What a waste!

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You have probably heard of Winnow Solutions as food waste pioneers. But, if you have not, let us introduce you.

Winnow Solutions is a UK-based food waste solutions company that primarily serves the Hospitality Industry. Winnows Solutions has boomed as a business in recent years, perhaps as a direct result of our growing consciousness towards waste in the workplace and in other areas of our lives.

The company’s software solution can reduce a business’s food costs by 3-8% a year. By adopting the software, kitchens across the globe are presented with opportunities to use food in alternative ways, that would otherwise have ended up in the bin. What a waste!

So, as you might imagine the demand for Winnow Solutions software has dramatically increased as businesses begin to reap its benefits.

See how it works here:

A reliable hardware partner needed

Growing at such a rate, Winnow Solutions wanted to be able to provide their customers in Hospitality not only with their software but also the hardware that it would run on; an all-in-one, unified solution.

Winnow Solutions needed to source a provider of reliable touch screens to host their software. The touch screens had to be mountable (to fit on kitchen walls and fixtures), support Android OS and had to be fit for the kitchen environment.

As standard, Conker took Winnow Solutions through our consultative process, which involves finding out who the end-user will be, what setting it will be used in, and what success might look like for the customer.

Conker was able to develop a cost-efficient custom device for Winnow Solutions that had a large enough screen for effective usability with the software, could be mounted on a wall, and has Android OS.

More than just hardware

Fast-growth companies, Conker, and Winnow Solutions are still innovating together after 4 years. The outcome of which allows Winnow Solutions to provide kitchens all over the globe with the tools to reduce their food wastage, which incidentally saves them money that would otherwise be spent on more food costs.

“Winnow has innovated how thousands of chefs worldwide save money and time, by transforming their kitchens into intelligent operations. We needed an equally innovative partner, who we could trust with manufacturing hardware, and who could support our ambitious growth plans. Conker Panel PC have helped us deliver an assured solution, bringing confidence to our customers and helping keep our promises of bringing data to the fingertips of chefs in a simple and intuitive way. Conker have a shared understanding of what we are achieving and brought more than just hardware to us. They brought partnership.”

-Winnows Solutions

Conker and Winnow Solutions are well-suited partners who both belief in the “win-win” ethos. Our CEO James Summers built the company on the principle that business has to be good both for us and the customer. Life is not zero-sum, there is no “we win, you lose”. It must be a “win-win”.

Winning for us means good for the success of the company and good for our people. Likewise winning for our customers must mean good for the success of their business and good for their people too. When we seek to make our customers more successful, we have this concept front of mind. So it is too with countless decisions our people make daily.

More about Conker

Conker not only has the expertise and capability to deploy bespoke projects to companies, but it is the British producer of Business Rugged tablets, touch screens, and mobile devices. Purpose-built to withstand the rigors of your working environment, we are proud of the reliable and durable systems we provide to our customers. Find out how we could help your company.

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Conal McGuirk

Conal McGuirk

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