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Eastern Forklift Trucks LTD Case Study: More Plates Spinning

Eastern Forklift Trucks LTD Case Study: More Plates Spinning

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Eastern Forklift Trucks LTD is East Anglia’s leading forklift specialist, facilitating its customers’ materials handling needs through safe, efficient solutions.

With over 75 years of experience, Eastern Forklift Trucks LTD offers both short and long-term rentals of new and used forklifts and equipment, servicing, repairs, and operator training. The company is also an official trusted dealer of Mitsubishi, Baumann, Combilift, Aisle-Master, and Ausa lift trucks and utility vehicles.

The company’s rental and servicing solution, and now electric and hybrid vehicle options, has made for extremely satisfied clients. Some of which include Ridgeons, Deanta UK, Poundfield Products, PLASgran, Glasswells, Milbank, and Arena Group.

The Desired Digital Transformation

As the business grew, Eastern Forklift Trucks LTD wanted to streamline its processes even further, which they knew would involve some digital transformation. Engineers responsible for the servicing and repairs of forklifts and utilities vehicles often worked in tough environments, where consumer tablets may be dropped and break, or paper-based methods were simply not reliable enough. The knock-on effect of which would be downtime.

To optimize efficiency, Eastern Forklift Trucks LTD needed to source a provider of durable, reliable tablets that could be used for mobile work, managing jobs, and rental documents, and sending data to the necessary offices. The solution needed to be long-lasting, cost-efficient, and able to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

As standard, Conker took Eastern Forklift Trucks LTD through our consultative process, which involves finding out who the end-user will be, what setting it will be used in, and what success might look like for the customer.

The Outcome

Conker has been helping Eastern Forklift Trucks LTD since 2017, and currently uses an 8” rugged Android tablet. The device has an IP67 rating, allowing for protection against water, dust, impact, and extreme temperatures. The connectivity and processor allow for quick data sharing amongst mobile workers and other locations.

What was the outcome?

Conker has been a “significant contributor to Eastern Forklift Trucks Limited continued growth and success”, by providing the correct tool to harness greater control, efficiency, and subsequently, improved productivity.

“Benefits have included an improved ability to keep more “plates spinning” without losing track, and a significantly greater vision of where we can better control our costs. The ability to use GPS mapping for managing engineer placement and response, and the facility to complete servicing through examination reports at point of sale allows faster and more accurate invoicing. All this makes Conker and their 8” field-service-grade tablet an excellent fit for us”

-Jon Hall, IT Consultant Director

More about Conker

Conker is the British producer of Business Rugged tablets, touch screens, and mobile devices. Purpose-built to withstand the rigors of your working environment, we are proud of the reliable and durable systems we provide to our customers. Find out how we could help your company.

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